The New Look!

After two years, we decided it was time to redesign our very own site. Truth be told, we decided this about six months ago, but our clients’ work comes first and this was not a job we wanted to rush. Today, finally, we’re excited to unveil the results!

In this fast-paced, constantly evolving industry, it is important that our website keeps up with the latest technology or trends. It’s not just about looking pretty, that would be easy. A good website must be user friendly – information is easily found and clearly laid out, and search engine friendly (equally important in our opinion).

So… what’s new? Among other things:

  • HTML5 and CSS3 Features – More refined interface; Future-proofs our website for next-generation browsers
  • Responsive Design – Mobile and tablet compatible
  • Infographics – More graphics less text, now you don’t have to be a speed reader
  • News – The latest happenings in our team, and the industry at large
  • Social Media Integration – That many more ways to connect us to you

We hope you like it at least as much as we do!