SEO Is Not Dead, But The Cost Of SEO Is Getting Expensive

When webmasters see their rankings or traffic drop, they say SEO is dead. When they see their website ranked in the first page of search results, they say SEO is alive and kicking, and is a good gateway to generate business revenue.

The “dead or not” question has become a popular battle topic.

Why do some claim that SEO is dead?

What are the comments from SEO experts?
SEOBOOK: Yes SEO is dead, but Only to some people…
MOZ: SEO Tactics Die, But SEO Never Will
Search Engine Journal: Dying Industry’ Raises Over $100 Million in 2012 – SEO is Not Dying
Search Engine Land: those people who used to cruise along on traffic from search engines — and search engines only — certainly need to realize those happy days are over. They have to be part of a comprehensive publicity program.

What do Google trends say? Public interest in SEO never dropped.

Certainly SEO is not dead, but Google is making it harder and harder. As the time and effort needed to be spent on SEO increases, webmasters will ask for more money. When the price of SEO becomes similar to that of pay-per-clicks, Google expects business owners to give up on SEO and return to Adword campaigns.

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