Is Alexa Web Ranking Optimization Reliable?

Alexa was founded in April 1996, as a subsidiary company of Alexa rankings collect data from millions of Alexa toolbars. Over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed that some local marketers offer web ranking optimization services; optimization that mainly improves Alexa rankings and not search engine rankings. These companies explain that by improving Alexa(…)

10 Most Popular Non Digital Creative Work

Recently a local artist-architect, Yi Hong has garnered Media attention with with her unconventional painting of China’s basketball player Yao Ming. Other popular projects include her Mark Zuckerberg “Facebook” Portrait by books, ADELE portrait by fire and candles, Zhang Yimou Portrait made of socks, bamboo sticks and pins Yi Hong’s artwork and videos have inspired us(…)

Tips To Design A Mobile Friendly Website

Nowadays everybody has a mobile phone, and with the rapid growth of smart phone usage and 3G network coverage, more and more users are visiting websites on their mobile devices. According to CNET, mobile traffic is growing fast globally, and has even surpassed desktop traffic. We found the following infographic worth reading, taking note of(…)

2012 Malaysia’s Top Trending Searches

Happy New Year to all our ALT fans! 2012 is over, so we thought it’d be fun to review what Malaysians Googled most this past year… In the overall trending searches, the appearance of “SAPS” and “SPLG” shows that education is a big concern for parents, students, and teachers in our country. When it comes(…)

10 Effective Ways to Reduce Web Spam

The world is getting more crowded, and the number of spammers keeps increasing. As of 18 Dec, 2012, Stop Forum Spam (SFS) statistics show that the top three countries with the highest number of spammers is the United States with 8,848,054 spammers reported, followed by China with 8,236,608 spammers, and Russia with 5,909,401 spammers. Malaysia(…)

Google Can Bring Down Any Online Business

“In the past two years, the Panda and Penguin updates have hit hard. For some people, they hit in a very real and personal way. I’ve seen small business owners lose everything, including their homes. I’m not here to judge Google – I understand their reasoning and even support some of it. I want you(…)