Facebook’s New Look

That’s right, whether you like it or not, Facebook’s look is going to change again. On January 15, 2013, Facebook released graph search, which is a new feature that allows users to search their personal and friends’ activities. Two months later, CEO Mark Zuckerberg made another important announcement on Facebook’s new news feed. This is(…)

How to Host a Website on Google Drive for Free?

Google Drive was officially launched on 24 April 2012, as cloud storage and synchronization services. Users can upload and store up to 5GB of files for free, and subscribe to a membership package for additional space. In its earlier stage, Google Drive was integrated with Google Documents, which is limited to supporting documents, presentations, spreadsheets,(…)

HTML5 + CSS3 + Responsive = Web Design Trends 2013

Several of our clients have asked this question, “What are the design trends of 2013?” Our answer is “HTML5 + CSS3 + Responsive“. As the number of mobile users increases rapidly, businesses can’t afford to ignore their mobile audience. To effectively target all types of audiences browsing on different devices, it is important to develop(…)

Alt Communications and Google Engage

Google Engage Agencies is an incentive program that helps digital agencies master online marketing, so they can then encourage their clients to try AdWords marketing. Participating agencies get various benefits, including phone and campaign setup support, online training courses, webinars and events, sales-kits, and promotional credit for new AdWords clients. On 7 March 2013, we received(…)

Replacing Blogger/Blogspot Comments with the Facebook Comment Plugin

Replacing Blogger/Blogspot Comments with the Facebook Comment Plugin Facebook has released their official comment plugin for WordPress, and many are asking if the same plugin will be made available for Blogspot. Due to competition issues between Google+ and Facebook, the chances of this happening are low. However, Google does not block web owners from using hard(…)

SCROOGLED! Anti Google Campaign

SCROOGLED! is a project created by Microsoft. It is basically an anti-Google campaign to raise awareness of Gmail privacy issues and Google’s biased search results, presumably so users will make a switch to Bing and Outlook services. Marketer comment that this is self defeating waste of money campaign, it create more more damaging to Microsoft’s instead(…)