How To Do .My Registration And Recover Mynic Log-In Details

This is one of the most popular questions among Malaysian web administrators. Web resources on the subject are limited because only local users will encounter this problem. MYNIC provides pretty secure .my domain registration, and a log-in is required. We will cover all the steps, starting from identifying a .my domain registrant, and retrieving a(…)

2010 – 2012 Global Social Media Statistics

Recently Jinny Boy produced a video that truly reflects Malaysians’ social media habits. We all know friends who like to “check in” at restaurants and places they visit, take photos of their food, share statuses during work, or check Facebook before bed. Given social media’s huge influence on the lifestyles of millions of people, it(…)

Logo Evolution… What They Looked Like Before Today

Over time, a corporate logo may change according to market trends. You may not be aware of some of these changes because they are minimal, while others are more drastic. We were surprised to see that the earliest Apple logo was, well, ugly. The BP logo has been changed seven times, and the Shell logo(…)

How To Choose The Right Colors For Branding

When designing a website, a common question is what color scheme is suitable? Some designers may refer to color schemer as a guide, but many do not know the significance of the colors. With a bit of research, we found out that colors play an important part to influence purchase decisions. Red, yellow, and blue are categorized as primary(…)

Improve Web Design Productivity With 70 Excellent Yet Free CSS Generators

Always work smart! You don’t need to know everything and be an expert in CSS to create stunning effects. With rich resources of generators, common CSS elements like border radius, opacity, drop shadow, gradient, text styling, grid, and layout can be easily generated with a few clicks. Most CSS generators come ready with ‘what you(…)

Custom Designs for 404 Page Not Found or 301 Redirection To Homepage

404 error pages happen when users are trying to visit a broken link. The common reasons are mistyped URLs, perhaps the site owner removed the page, or the page never existed. This error page is just as important as any other live page, in its potential to generate additional web traffic and business conversions. Default(…)