Chrome Developer Tool, A Free Alternative To Dreamweaver

Last weekend we received an urgent update for┬áStellar Design Furniture. At the time, I was not at my desk/desktop computer and was not carrying a notebook. Fortunately I found a cyber cafe with the Chrome browser application, and managed to complete the task without Dreamweaver. Here’s how: To inspect the HTML elements, simply press F12(…)

Advanced Google Search: 10 Features That You Should Discover

Google collects huge amounts of data daily. Through analyses of search behavior, Google keeps on improving their search features. Today, the information we can find via Google is not limited to website searches. To increase search efficiency, Google has split searches into various categories, such as video search, image search, map search, book search, blog(…)

Waze Ads Review

Waze is a free GPS-based navigational app for App Store and Google Play, the app is developed by an Israeli. With the increasing number of waze community, Google sees business pontential; on 11 of June 2013, Google made an official announcement about Waze acquisition and the business deal was $1.1 billion. Company with Waze advertising(…)

Bulk Create URL Paths With Basic Excel Skills

Have you ever had to edit image paths like the ones above? We have! Recently, we worked on a client’s Gallery page, which is coded in static and contains over a thousand images. It is a long and tiring process to create the image paths manually, so today we are going to share a much(…)

How To Make Business Promotions With The Wechat App?

Due to the great voice message feature, WeChat is getting popular in Malaysia. When we did a little exploring with the app, we were surprised to find that a fair number of marketeers take the opportunity to promote their products or services on WeChat. Click the Social button to find new friends WeChat’s Look Around(…)

How To Change Mynic DNS, Billing And Technical Contact

This is a continuation from an earlier tutorial on things we can do with the MYNIC system, including: 1. Appoint a New Billing Contact 2. Appoint a New Technical Contact 3. Appoint a New Invoicing Party 4. Appoint / Modify Administrative Contact Record 5. Modify Registrant Record 6. Modify Registrant Name 7. Modify Name Servers(…)