My WordPress Site Has Been Hacked, How Do I Fix It?

Recently, three of our WordPress websites were hacked –, and Hacker message: It was unfortunate because for example has a lot of sponsor ads and content. It is hard to trace the affected files and additional codes injected to the SQL, because the number of files and codes is huge. So(…)

What Is Unique And Interesting Content?

Have you ever struggled to come up with interesting content? What kind of content is unique content? A thoroughly researched and informative Wikipedia-like article is probably not necessary. But if you can’t or simply don’t like to write, what else can you do? Interesting content can be a video LG TV Commercial Prank Visit…)

SEO Is Not Dead, But The Cost Of SEO Is Getting Expensive

When webmasters see their rankings or traffic drop, they say SEO is dead. When they see their website ranked in the first page of search results, they say SEO is alive and kicking, and is a good gateway to generate business revenue. The “dead or not” question has become a popular battle topic. Why do(…)

How Long Does It Take To Rank A Website In Search Engine Results?

There is no specific timeline, the question of how long it takes to gain rank is very dependent on the trust level from search engines. It’s not so different from asking, how much time is needed for a worker to get a promotion or increment in a company. The answer is almost the same. 1.(…)

Is Your Password Strong Enough?

Exabytes is Malaysia’s top hosting provider. They recently published an infographic with five examples of common mistakes people make, and tips for stronger password protection. Strong password guidelines – dos and don’ts A strong password is good, but how do you make it easy to remember? For those who are still struggling to create strong passwords, get(…)

SEO: Online Market Trends / Seasonality Analysis through Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever changing field where algorithm updates take place rapidly. That’s why optimizing a website requires endless research and analysis in order to survive whatever search engines bring to the table. Today, optimizing a website requires the ability to adapt to the nature of every business to deliver the desired(…)