HTML5 + CSS3 + Responsive = Web Design Trends 2013

Several of our clients have asked this question, “What are the design trends of 2013?” Our answer is “HTML5 + CSS3 + Responsive“. As the number of mobile users increases rapidly, businesses can’t afford to ignore their mobile audience. To effectively target all types of audiences browsing on different devices, it is important to develop a web page that has:

1. Flexibility to support multi-screen views, including phone, tablet, desktop and even a large TV screen;

2. Ability to support different browsers, e.g. IE, Opera, Mozilla, Chrome and Safari;

3. High integrity with other platforms or scripts, e.g. SQL, PHP, .net, Java and Javascripts;

4. Sustainability for a longer period, e.g. HTML4 has been widely used for more than 10 years since 1997; and is

5. Search engine friendly, e.g. Flash is hard to index and crawl by search robots.

We collected some great infographics to help explain the usage and features of HTML5, CSS3, and responsive designs.

History and Usage of HTML5

CSS3 Wiki and Its Most Important Elements

Responsive and Mobile Device Design Trend

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