How to view Groupon, Mydeal promotions without newsletter subscription

When you visit a coupon site like Groupon or MyDeal, a newsletter subscription form pops up, blocking the promotion details until you complete and submit the form. This can be very annoying because not everyone is willing to disclose their personal information.



The steps to bypass the subscription form is simple – users just have to refresh their browser. Generally, web cookies are only applicable for new visits, return visitors will not see the message.

The cookie found at

<script type=”text/javascript”>

//Hide the hint if is already used
$(‘#jBuyAsGift’).on(‘click’,function(event) {
var cookie = $.cookie(“featureHintSeen”);
if(true && !cookie) {
$.cookie(“featureHintSeen”, true, {expires: 14, domain: CookieDomain, path: ‘/’});
loadPopup(‘#multideal_popup’); placeMultiPopup(true); return false;


The cookie should expire in 14 days, so any return visit after 14 days will be treated as a new visit.