How To Start A Business With Limited Capital?

If you have a great business idea but lack funding, what can you do? OM/ONE is a good case study. They created a prototype video to grow public awareness and collect feedback, then they raised funds with donations and a pre-order strategy.

Different users may want different rewards, so Om Audio came up with a creative way to ask for funds:

  • Donate without reward
  • 1USD – Our thanks and your name listed on our website
  • 25USD – T-Shirt
  • 179USD – The standard speaker + T-Shirt (created urgency by limiting it to the first 1000 supporters)
  • 299USD – Premium design speaker
  • 329USD – Standard speaker + limited edition T-Shirt
  • 529USD – Premium design speaker + limited edition T-Shirt
  • 1000USD – 2 Custom design speakers (pick your own color) + T-Shirt
  • 3,000USD – Join the founder for dinner + limited edition speaker + T-shirt

OMONE audio

The project was a success, and funds raised exceeded the base request.