How To Do .My Registration And Recover Mynic Log-In Details

This is one of the most popular questions among Malaysian web administrators. Web resources on the subject are limited because only local users will encounter this problem.

MYNIC provides pretty secure .my domain registration, and a log-in is required.

We will cover all the steps, starting from identifying a .my domain registrant, and retrieving a contact code, to MYNIC password recovery.

STEP A: How to check the registered owner of a .my domain:

1. Go to

2. Type in the domain name and click ‘WHOIS Look-up”.

.my domain query form

.my Domain Register Record

Step B: How to log-in to MYNIC Control Panel

1. On the same page, click the Login button, or directly visit this URL

2. Fill in the user name and password to log-in to the MYNIC management system; those who have forgotten their details can recover them with an additional step.

STEP C: How to recover user name and password from MYNIC

1. Click the ‘recover user name’ button.

Insert contact code. The contact code can be found by following Step A below, or click the magnifying glass icon to perform a domain search.

Step A: How to retrieve contact code

Or Search Contact Person with magnified icon

2. Select the option to recover password, make sure you are able to receive the email.

3. If the email address is invalid or does not belong to you, select the second recovery option that requires the user to submit a manual form to MYNIC.

4. Print the form on company letterhead, and complete it with stamp and signature. This is to prove that the domain belongs to the particular company. Each application form has a unique ticket number. Users must generate a new form for submission. For follow up purposes, users can contact MYNIC and quote the ticket number.

5. Users can submit the completed form to MYNIC via fax at 03-89917277, or e-mail it to

6. Once MYNIC approves the application, users can repeat steps B and C to recover the password.

7. Finally, users receive an activation email to change the password.