Waze Ads Review

Waze is a free GPS-based navigational app for App Store and Google Play, the app is developed by an Israeli. With the increasing number of waze community, Google sees business pontential; on 11 of June 2013, Google made an official announcement about Waze acquisition and the business deal was $1.1 billion.

Company with Waze advertising

Maxis logo on Waze

Tune talk road show on Waze

Advertisement budget
Ads calculation is similar to Google Adword, prices vary to ads competition and target impression. Minimum bid for 1000 impression is 1USD, while minimum budget for advertising is 50USD. Pricing Your pin will compete with other advertisers in your local area.

The bid you provide below will tell us the amount you are willing to pay for each 1,000 impressions of your pin. Based on your pin location, we suggest a bid of $1.00 ?$1.20 . Once you create your pin, it will continue to run until you stop it. Your monthly budget determines the maximum amount you will be charged at the end of each calendar month. The minimum monthly budget to advertise with Waze is $50.

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