How Long Does It Take To Rank A Website In Search Engine Results?

There is no specific timeline, the question of how long it takes to gain rank is very dependent on the trust level from search engines. It’s not so different from asking, how much time is needed for a worker to get a promotion or increment in a company. The answer is almost the same.

1. Follow guidelines

Whether to win at the search engine game or win trust from your boss, one thing you must do is follow instructions. Cheating or implementing strategies that do not meet the task requirements may work fine in the short term, but as time goes on, search engines will detect the cheats just as the boss will eventually discover the errors. As a result, the entire site or project will be rejected. Bing and Google webmaster blogs provide good resources. Guidelines such as submitting sitemaps, and inserting proper titles and micro data are great strategies to increase a site’s visibility.

2. Good track record

When a worker has a good performance record, e.g. always reaching the office on time, minimal medical leave and completing assigned tasks well, bosses are more likely to promote the candidate. Same goes for search engines. They monitor things like the consistency of fresh content updates, server down time and site speed.

3. Unique content

Delivering a given task on time is not sufficient to get the boss’ attention because in an organization, there may be many workers who are able to meet such a requirement. Bosses like workers who are able to propose unique ideas, expand to new markets, and increase company revenue. A December 2012 report cited the total number of websites in the world at more than 600 million, so the competition is high to say the least. Without interesting content, it is hard to outrank other sites or gain more response from viewers.

 4. Reputation and third-party votes

Before deciding who to promote, bosses may collect feedback from team leaders/members and clients. Therefore, maintaining a good relationship with colleagues, superiors, and clients is important. Good feedback from a manager is of course more powerful than that of an executive. In the same way, every backlink is a vote for a site. Votes from popular sites carry more weight than low popularity sites, so webmasters spend more time working with high PR websites.

5. Continuous performance improvement

When a worker is selected for promotion, he/she is expected to take on more responsibility and generate more value for the company, otherwise the bosses may withdraw the benefits given and switch to another more qualified candidate. The same is applicable to search engines. For example, if Google decides to increase the ranking of the keyword “pastry distributor malaysia” for and suggest the query to searchers, in return, Google expects to provide the relevant information. If many searchers click on the suggested query, and return to search for new results within a short time, Google will drop the ranking of, and bring other better websites up.

The process to build authority for your website: