Advanced Google Search: 10 Features That You Should Discover

Google collects huge amounts of data daily. Through analyses of search behavior, Google keeps on improving their search features. Today, the information we can find via Google is not limited to website searches. To increase search efficiency, Google has split searches into various categories, such as video search, image search, map search, book search, blog search, etc. Of all the different types of searches, image search surprised/impressed us the most. Below are some advance search features that you may not have explored.

1. Google Search Within A Domain Or Site

Not all websites have a built-in search feature like Alt’s News Portal. For static websites like Hing Tai Office Furniture Manufacturer, which contain a wide range of information on office furniture, it is hard to explore or navigate the entire site in a short time. With Google advance search, users can input a command to limit search results to within, e.g. “ functional office furniture”.

2. Google Exact And Exclude Search

When we search “petrol price malaysia” for example, Google returns millions of broad results. With the help of specific commands, we can limit the results to exact and exclude search. Typing “petrol price malaysia” -forum -lelong -alibaba” means all results must contain the exact keywords “petrol price malaysia”. In addition, results from forum discussions, alibaba, and lelong are filtered out.

3. Google Images Search

Sometimes, you may see an image and not know what it is. Take this photo as an example.

To look for the answer, we can simply drag and drop the photo to the images search box.

And voila! Google returns the answer with image name, size, and other visually similar images.

A video about Google images search:

4. Google News Search

Every day, a large number of fresh news is published around the world, and it is near impossible for us to follow each and every piece of news, or visit each individual site for information. One of the most effective solutions is using Google News to filter and personalize the information we want.

The default setting of Google Malaysia News covers all major topics, including news from Malaysia, Southeast Asia, World, Business, Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Science, Health and Political. Users have the option to delete or add new categories, and adjust the news visibility for each individual category to rarely, occasionally, sometimes, often and always.

A video about News Search:

5. Google Movie Search

It is time consuming for users to check movie showtimes individually, then proceed to booking. Here in Kuala Lumpur, a 5-10 minute delay on bookings can make a difference in seat selection. To avoid this problem, we can search “movie showtimes” on Google or visit for information. Google covers all the necessary information, including nearest cinema, showtimes, movie trailer, and schedules for the next three days.

6. Google Currency Conversion Search

If you are not sure which is the most trusted site for currency conversion, search the keywords “usd to rm” for example, and Google will return the conversion rate and a list of other currencies for comparison.

7. Google Calculator

Need to do some calculation work but don’t have a calculator in hand? Never mind, get help from Google. Try putting this in Google search “100 + 200″, and the result returns (in a big calculator).

8. Google File Type Search

One of my friends was trying to find an android tutorial but the information was very limited. He wanted to know if he could search for a tutorial in different formats, e.g. PDF, Word Doc or PPT slides. My reply, yes. Just use the following search commands:

filetype:pdf android tutorial
filetype:doc android tutorial
filetype:ppt android tutorial

9. Google Weather Search

When you want to take a drive to Genting or Cameron Highlands, or when you are feeling especially hot or cold, you want to know “what’s the temperature now?” Without a complicated process, you can search “weather” in Google and instantly get the answer.

10. Google Book Search

I am a book lover, can Google give me some book recommendations? Yes, users can go to Example:

User reviews and ratings: