Difference between facebook vs google marketing

This is hot debate question in forum “Do I need to focus on Facebook marketing or Google marketing?” which strategy work best for my business. Facebook is a more relationship building site where you are advertising to build a relationship for your market. – It is a good way to keep your fans stay update,(…)

How To Use Google Advanced Search Operator

Some people have approached us saying “I can’t find the required result in Google”. Google can search more results than we might expect. General keyword searches only return broad results, for a more niche result we have to use ‘operators’ for advance search. For example, a “filetype:pdf site:gov.my act” search will only show all pdf(…)

How To Start A Business With Limited Capital?

If you have a great business idea but lack funding, what can you do? OM/ONE is a good case study. They created a prototype video to grow public awareness and collect feedback, then they raised funds with donations and a pre-order strategy. Different users may want different rewards, so Om Audio came up with a(…)

How To Create Text Art / ASCII Art

What is Text Art / ASCII Art? ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) art, text art, or word art, is the process of forming pictures from the 128 characters available in the ASCII chart. Those characters including numbers 0-9, letters a-z, A-Z, punctuation symbols and blank space. ASCII Chart Binary Oct Dec Hex Glyph(…)

Was Your Site Penalized By Google? How To Resolve This?

Recently one of our internal projects, ablynet.com was manually penalized by Google. This is serious because the site will not receive any organic traffic from Google. Imagine if this happened to a website that relies heavily on Google traffic, the business may face huge revenue losses or even shutdown. In this post, we want to(…)

Apple Swift Programming As A Replacement For Objective-C

Objective-C was created by Brad Cox and Tom Love in 1983. Apple has used the code to develop apps for more than 20 years, but in our world of modern technology, the old programming code certainly has some limitations in speed, visuals and features. At the latest WWDC 2014 (Worldwide Developers Conference), Apple announced Swift as(…)